Why become a cooperator ?

Becoming a cooperator means, first of all, contributing to the development of the project.
Over the past 10 years, thanks to the contributions of the various cooperators, the Tricoterie has been able to structure itself and finance the purchase of its buildings and finance the various renovation phases. We wish to continue this participative dynamic with the creation of two new rooms and the improvement of our outside spaces.

- Becoming a cooperator does not mean making a donation or to become a sponsor. It means making an investment in a company whose main asset is buildings, which is an important sign of trust. Nevertheless, it is not without risks either, and we would like to refer you to the "Information note" on this subject.

- Afterwards, you will benefit free of charge (only within the framework of this campaign) from the first "Tricoteur Member" card, a pass for many of the activities of the next season and discounts.

- Finally, it means joining the community of Tricoteur-Co-operators who will be increasingly involved in the activities and even in the programmation. Indeed, on the medium term, we wish to associate the choices of our programming committee with a decision-making process where the voices of the cooperators will also be solicited to establish a part of our season, which will be "the cooperators’ programming".

How to become a cooperator?